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 Bekaaouna directory

Of the guide 50,000 copies will be issued and distributed free of charge in: the public and private institutions, the Lebanese-Syrian border (Al Masnaa), municipalities, banks, insurance companies, businessmen, artists, Libraries, hotel rooms, doctors, engineers, lawyers, restaurants, car rental offices, and at all advertisers in all cities and villages of the Bekaa.

Aim of issuing the directory:

Show the true face of civilization which is characterized by the cities and towns of Bekaa. Manifestations and tourist sites which are located in Rashaya and the western Bekaa through Zahleh, the capital of the Bekaa, to the eternal archeological structures of Baalbek and eternal Hermel.


o About Bekaa towns and cities, including archaeological and tourist centers which they are located in.

o Municipalities.

o Businessmen, artists, and personalities Bekaa.

o Department, public and private institutions, public services, emergency hospitals, doctors, engineers, international communications codes.

o Embassies, tourism companies, airlines, hotels, restaurants festivals, exhibitions, sports clubs and entertainment, rental cars, taxis.

o Clothing, salons, beauty centers, beauty products, furniture, carpets, electrical appliances.

o Cultural institutions, financial, commercial and industrial, charities and humanitarian.

o Measuring page 20 * 14 cm print four colors - Excellent paper and envelope Solovan

Lebanese Gulf directory

A Work that aims to promote tourism to Lebanon; in addition to the very economic aimed at securing a greater number of investments in it.

This evidence comes to highlights and provides comprehensive and detailed information about monuments, tourism and to focus on religious tourism and economic activities and services in Lebanon and the Islamic Republic of Iran, and has taught us to work hard for the distinctive handbook and even to be appropriate for our ambitions and aspirations of the future as a great reference and to be the best in all respects and in the directorial term, quality and printing or the information contained in and learned from official sources, becoming the reference in the media accessible to everyone (men's business, tourist and citizen alike).

The touristic marketing goal has a very important benefit to highlight the level of civilization, and thus increase the number of investments and common projects, and the increasing number of interested visitors and investors, businessmen and consumers as well, most important touristic and archaeological institutions in the Islamic Republic, Lebanon and general economic post service.

It also aims to highlight the role of the Islamic Republic of Iran and urban economic development and through its support for the Lebanese people resistant against the usurper Zionist enemy.

We emphasize the importance of tourism and advance rationalization planning to leave and find out details of the plan through tourist agencies and travel arena, because advance planning is sufficient to shorten the distances of wasted time, and how to access the easiest ways in holidays for tourist sites and appropriate cost, taking advantage of this rationalization in terms of visits and tours at the financial level.


Publisher speech

Lebanese Minister of Tourism Speech

GCC ambassadors in Lebanon speech

Guidance for Gulf tourists in Lebanon

Artists and poets

Lebanon in history and culture, tourism and festivals

Gulf States upscale and beauty

Essential information for visitors to the Gulf States

Information necessary for tourists to Lebanon - Ministry of Tourism

Associations and Unions

Public Services in addition to hospitals

Symbols of international communications

Embassies and air lines, airlines and travel offices

Car rental companies

Car agencies

Insurance companies

Oil companies

Companies and public and private institutions

Hotels and Furnished Apartments

Tourist and commercial complexes and shopping in Lebanon

Ski centers

Banks - Banking and Credit



Universities, schools and institutes

Sports and recreation clubs, swimming pools and amusement parks



The number of copies distributed 65,000 free in Lebanon and the Gulf in the following places:

The Ministry of Tourism and all tourist offices in all Arab and foreign countries

International Airports

Lebanese - Syrian border

Banks and insurance companies

Airlines and major travel bureaus

Hotels and restaurants

Public libraries

Lebanese community in Gulf

Official and public institutions

Car rental offices and car agencies

Trade unions, associations and municipalities

Real estate companies

Technical Specifications

The directory is characterized by important commercial and high print quality and materials

Four-color printing, glossy cover Costah 250 grams covered with Solovan, paper inside Costah glossy 100 grams measuring 23 cm x 16 cm containing 11 cm x 13 cm.

Number of pages almost 240 pages and can be increased